jan_aq (jan_aq) wrote in mentor_fics,

Jack O'Neil and Xander Harris fic

I normally don't do cross over fics, but I was browsing a Stargate: SG1 crossover site and stumbled upon this one.

Title: Bridges
Author: Tassos
Rating: K+
Summary: After the collapse of Sunnydale, Jack gets a call about a woman he knew over twenty years ago . . . and the son he never knew he had.
Status: Complete.

This is a SG1 Buffy crossover. I don't do Buffy fics, haven't watched the series but I saw the movie and the Angel Series so I wasn't so lost. I do like SG1.

Read it on Wormhole Crossing
Tags: buffy, jack o'neil, sg: sg1, star gate: sg1, xander harris
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