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Fan fiction dealing with mentoring relationships

Fan fiction about mentor ships
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A community for people who enjoy mentor relationships in fics of all fandoms. The relationships themselves must be Gen, meaning non sexual so no Mature ratings or fics please. Remember to leave warnings.

From the Cambridge Online dictionary: A mentor is "a person who gives another person help and advice over a period of time and often also teaches them how to do their job"

Examples of such relationships:

    Father and Son, teacher and student, Master and Apprentice, guardian, Foster father, Big Sibling, Uncle, grandfather or grandmother, coaches, commanding officers, anything where one person is in a mentoring position.

When posting fics or recs please add as many entry tags as possible.

Specific Examples:

    From the Angel fandom, Angel decides to make things right and take care of Connor the way he should have from the beginning.

    Star Wars, Vader has finally caught Luke after Bespin and starts to mold his son in the Dark ways of the force, if he's willing or not.

    Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, Kwai Chang Caine mentors his son in the way of the Shaolin.

    Batman, Dick Greyson is sick with a childhood illness and this time Batman has to battle the hazards of taking care of a sick child.

    Buffy fandom, Buffy's training as a new slayer after meeting Giles.

    Star Wars The Phantom Menace, the tales of Qui-gon and Obi-wan's adventures and mishaps as Apprentice and Padawan in the days of the Republic.

    Stargate, Jack O'Neil explains to Daniel Jackson the do's and don't's when in unknown, possible ENEMY territory for the third time.

    Harry Potter, Lucius Malfoy explains to his son what it means to be a Malfoy. Also, Albus Dumbledore finally decides it's time to show Harry what being a hero is all about.

    Star Trek, Sarek teaches his son, Spock, his first lessons in diplomacy.

    LoTR, Aragon's life with his foster father and family as a spirited human boy.

All movie and television stills, pictures, belong to their respective owners, not us. :)